Takes My Breath Away

This stunning Seed Jewellery by Wietke Opmeer really does take my breath away.

Found via Abigail Doan.

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  1. Wow! Just beautiful- so soft & delicate. Thanks for sharing! Jess xx

  2. Not for me, it makes me itch just looking at it!

  3. LOL Shauna!

  4. OMG, my first thought was: That’s spawn with little tadpoles in it :D

    It’s a fascinating piece of jewellery, it really gets your imagination going.

  5. Too funny anke-art… I feel a bit grossed out by it now! No, I still love it!

  6. lovely! I so enjoy following your blog and always leave feeling refreshed! Thank you!

  7. Oh Thanks Julie! I always feel refreshed reading the lovely comments people leave me! Thank YOU.

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