Recent Market and Op Shop Finds

As you probably already know I love the design and illustration of vintage books. I’m getting quite a collection now, particularly of children’s books.

And these are some of my other recent vintage finds.

I have a distinct memory of this game – I think one of my friends had it and I desperately wanted it. It’s very Mad Men, don’t you think? I’m thinking about framing the front of the box. I just love the illustration. Not bad for $1 huh?

The question cards are very of-the-time.

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  1. You find the best stuff Lisa; I love your collection of books. And those question cards are a hoot!

  2. I think the graphics on the cards are so sweet and yes, very of their time. I can see these being held up to a class of children in about 20 years and asking what they are. They won’t know. Great stuff.

  3. Oh looks like you hit the jackpot! Love the wood blocks…

  4. Hi Amanda and Kim. I do have a great collection going and it’s quite addictive going to markets and op shops itching to find the ‘find’ of your life! I get such a great sense of satisfaction, and a huge amount of enjoyment from my purchases. I know you’re an op shop queen too Katie!

  5. Katie, you’re so right. Even now kids don’t know what a rotary dial phone is.

  6. oh Video Vilage!! I have this game at home and TOALLY love it!!

  7. Hey Bec, now we both have this game and our little deer vases… what next?!

thanks for your comment