Pencils as Both Medium and Canvas

Isn’t this such a great idea from melbourne’s Ghostpatrol? I just love the use of these vibrantly coloured pencils as a canvas for illustration. And the drawings themselves are so lovely.

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Two Great Magazines & Two Lovely Surprises

Surprise #1
I was thrilled when leafing through my new copy of real living to find that the magazine’s Style Director, Jason Grant, has one of my “Love Bird” timber cards pinned to the wall of his desk space. (See it there with the 3 red hearts on it?)

Surprise #2
Last week I received and email from Inside Out magazine saying that as “one of our favourite bloggers” they were going to send me something special. My postie arrived today with a copy of the new issue of the magazine and the fabulous drawstring bag that comes with it. Grace Lee’s typographic design is gorgeous – I can think of a lot of uses for this sweet little bag. In fact, as you can see from my photo, it’s already in use! As usual this issue of Inside Out is full of beautifully styled and shot images of gorgeous homes and lovely finds.

Two mags, two surprises, and two very big “thank you”s !

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Are you having any trouble commenting here? I’ve had a couple of emails from people saying they can’t leave a comment. Frustratingly I am having the same issue when trying to comment on other blogs I read which are powered by Blogger. I can’t comment as me, anonymous, open id, or any other option.

I’ve also noticed that the profile view counter is stuck and doesn’t increase on my blog or some of the others I’m visiting.

Any ideas? Blogger Help has been no help.

If you have any ideas and can’t leave a comment, please send me an email: lisa [at] the red thread [dot] com [dot] au

Sooo frustrating!

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Takes My Breath Away

This stunning Seed Jewellery by Wietke Opmeer really does take my breath away.

Found via Abigail Doan.

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Monday BlogDay: Ecco*Eco

Environmental artist Abigail Doan [see my previous post today about her art] shares her wonderful sustainable style finds on her blog Ecco*Eco. It’s one of my favourite blogs because not only are the posts about sustainable living, but the images are a visual feast. Abigail has also created a great sidebar list of links to stylish eco-friendly fashion, jewellery and homewares.

All images via Ecco*Eco.
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