Craft in the News

Image Source: Meet me at Mike’s

Crafting is on a roll these days, it’s definitely cool and it’s also defying the recession.

Pip Lincolne – the original Brown Owl, author of a new craft book, blogger and owner of Meet Me at Mike’s, amongst many other things – was featured on the cover of The Age’s Sunday magazine last weekend.

The article in ‘M’ begins:
Once the epitome of uncool, craft is making a comeback with a new generation. Rachelle Unreich threads up to find a burgeoning movement that is hip, political – and just a little divided.
And you can read the whole story here.

The second article, on msnbc, is titled Crafting: A Silver Lining in a Tough Economy. Check it out here.

‘M’ article found via Meet Me at Mike’s blog.
msnbc article found via Cloud9.

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Inside Out Blog

Did you know that Inside Out, the beautiful interiors magazine has a new blog? It’s not Monday Blogday, but I couldn’t wait until then to share it with you. I’m sure it will be one to bookmark.

I’m loving this light installation that I found there.


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Beauty From Recycled Plastic Bottles

South African designer Heath Nash has designed some beautiful things using ‘other people’s garbage’, which was the title of his 2005 lighting collection.

Heath has set up a factory of local people with traditional craft skills to take his designs from concept to reality. His aim is to design objects with a contemporary sensibility, made with traditional techniques and able to complete in the world market. I’d say he’s ticking all those boxes, wouldn’t you?

Heath’s website is currently under construction, but you can read a great interview with him on ping mag.

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Inspiration: Papercuts and Claire Brewster

There seems to be a lot of papercut art happening at the moment. As a collector of paper ephemera and someone who is experimenting with this art myself, I love seeing the talent of people who have mastered it.

One of these talented artists is Claire Brewster. I really enjoy the extra dimension and splashes of colour and pattern that occur with Claire’s papercuts which are made from found papers.

Image Source: Claire Brewster

If you’re interested in papercuts a must-visit blog is The Heart of Papercuts. The uber-creative Elsita Mora does the most beautiful work, and her blog has many, many links to other artists, suppliers, tutorials and more. See my previous posts about Elsita here and here.

Image Source: Elsita Mora


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Antler: New Online Magazine

Today I’m loving fabulous new mag Antler… so fresh, inspirational and beautiful.

ANTLER is an online magazine which focuses on composing a collection of beautiful, inspiring ideas and designs from all aspects of life. We come in the body of a fashion magazine, but are more than just that. We look for ways to inspire through not only fashion, but art, design, literature, and culture. We strive to compile a new collection each month that meets this criteria. We publish online to help reduce our carbon footprint, but also to make ANTLER accessible to readers from all corners of the globe. We are interested in showcasing more than just a superficial layer of fashion. We want to feature innovation and how people are contributing to make the world a better place. ANTLER is not only for a source of amazing fashion, art, culture and beauty, but will enchant and inspire as well.

Found via decor8.

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