With Love on Mothers Day

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Happy Friday!

I love autumn. The days begin and end quite crisply and in between are glorious bright blue skies and beautiful days. Our garden is full of orange, red and yellow leaves, both on the ground and on the trees. It’s glorious.

I hope you have an equally glorious and happy weekend.

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Mini Art Feelings

Meet my new friends: Sad, Cute and Balanced. They came to live with us all the way from Belgium via Etsy. Sad, Cute and Balanced are the much loved children of the gorgeous Mitsy, aka ArtMind. I’m sure they miss her, but they seem to be very happy here in Australia. Poor Balanced suffered a bit from jetlag and wasn’t quite herself for a while. But she has recovered and found her balance again.

These Mini Art Feelings are a part of Mitsy’s beautiful 99 Feelings project. Mitsy used the shape of a babushka doll as the blank canvas for her imagination. The resulting ceramic mini sculptures are minimalist and delightful. I have to say that I chose my little friends based on they way they looked rather than the feelings they portray. I like to think that little ‘sad’ is happy now and he has just been out in the summer rain.

You can see the other 96 little fellas in Mitsy’s Etsy store.

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Etsy Search Top 10: Vintage Aqua

One of the things I searched Etsy for this week was aqua coloured items in the vintage section. These are my top 10 finds:

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Frederique Morrel’s “Decycled” Tapestries

When wandering around markets or garage sales I am often very saddened to see discarded embroidery. I think about the love, time, craftsmanship and patience that went into creating such beautiful things and find it so sad that they end up unwanted and for sale for a few dollars. All of those wonderful tablecloths, doilies and cushions and the skills that are evident in those discarded things are in danger of being lost to future generations.

Frederique Morrel
was similarly troubled when her grandmother’s handiwork was thrown out when she passed away. Frederique has since been on a mission to find and “decycle” – or give a new life cycle to – similarly unrecognised and unvalued artifacts. She says hunting for materials is the most fun part of her job.

The Frederique Morrel range was shown at Maison & Objet in Paris early this year, and it includes trays, poufs, lovely lamps with reclaimed timber bases and the surprising application of tapestries to lunch boxes.

Frederique works with her partner (in business as well as life), Aaron Levin, and their mascot Maggie the Jack Russel to create fabulous creations from decycled needlepoint. Their products are designed to connect with old fashioned values with respect and humour. They seem to have achieved their objective don’t you think?

Image Source: Federique Morrel

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