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How cool is this?!… PicClick is a new way to search Etsy. I find it so tedious looking through pages and pages of search results – often hundreds of pages. PicClick shows you all of the search results on one page. You can also use it to search Ebay too. But beware, it is a little overwhelming! My search for “vintage aqua” turned up literally thousands of results… all on one page.

Found via How About Orange.

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Print & Pattern Book

The postie arrived a couple of days ago with my copy of the fabulous Print & Pattern book. It almost made up for not having an internet connection for nearly 3 days. Compiled by Marie Perkins, aka Bowie Style, of one of my fave blogs Print & Pattern, it’s a visual feast featuring both well known and up and coming designers, including a number of Australians.

I bought mine from the Book Depository in the UK, who offer free international shipping, and it arrived in 3 days! It was less than $29… which is almost half what you’d pay for it here in Australia. Gotta love that.

If you’re after books, don’t forget to check out Booko – it searches both Australian and international sellers to give you the best price on a particular title including shipping to Australia.

I’ve been dipping in and out of Print & Pattern for the past few days, and I’ve recently finished The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver – which was a great read. Have you bought or read any good books lately?

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the red thread :: Featured

I’ve had a couple of lovely mentions in the press lately, which is always exciting. In the essential style section of today’s Sydney Morning Herald there’s an article about vintage style for children. It features the lovely Jane and Katy of KatyJane, who I blogged about last week, as well as a few paragraphs about my Sweetie Petites and Children’s Portraits.

Also, the current issue of Australian Homespun features my Chalkboard Eggs.

Right next to my egg is a photo of Laikonik’s graphic and bright hand painted eggs. Kasia creates a new range for Easter each year – you can see them all in her online shop.

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First the fridge…

now the internet! I’ll be back as soon as I can get online again. It’s a bit tricky to blog from my phone!

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With the weather starting to cool down a little bit and the leaves on the trees beginning to change my thoughts turn to layering for winter. I love our Sydney winters, which are so mild compared to a lot of places… but still cold enough to wear layers and snuggle down at home.

With those things on my mind I bought the most gorgeous big, soft wrap/scarf from Feeona of uimi, my neighbour at Life Instyle the other week.

Feeona designs and makes all uimi’s lovely knitted scarves in her Melbourne studio, as well as sweet beanies, booties and blankets for babies. They are made from merino wool and organic cotton in a beautiful soft and neutral palette.

All images from uimi.

The stockists list on the uimi website is bound to be growing very soon if the attention they were getting at the show is anything to go by. And deservedly so, uimi knits are absolutely gorgeous. Now I just have to wait for the temperature to drop some more before I can wear my scarf. I have a feeling people will get sick of seeing me wear it!

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