One more cushion

I’m sensing a bit of a cushion series beginning to happen… but for now I want to share this gorgeous one. I just love the combination of the vintage fabric with the screen print of the illustrated clothes peg.

Image: Coucou Salut

Find this one and more by Coucou Salut on Etsy.

Found via Poppytalk.

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What is it about cushions?

I saw an ad for Target on TV recently and the scenario was a young couple setting up home together and furnishing it with Target homewares. A whole heap of cushions are piled onto the bed, and at the end of the commercial the woman adds one more to the collection…

When I was in Ikea browsing and purchasing their fabulous fabric with a friend I asked her what she was going to do with her new stash. She replied “Oh, I don’t know. I’ll probably make cushions”…

The other week we went to see some stand up comedy and one of the comics made reference to the growing number of cushions his girlfriend seems to sneak into their apartment. That made me laugh out loud, because it’s a running joke around here too. I am a bit obsessed with them. Stuart is always commenting on the number of cushions on our bed and lounges, and how often I change or add to them. Are you the same?

What is it with women and cushions?!

For me it’s an instant budget makeover for a room. Our bedroom is very minimal in colour – I just can’t seem to go past a white doona cover – so I change it up with the cushion covers. I’m desperate to get rid of our lounges, so in the meantime I try to disguise something I hate with cushions in lots of patterns and colours that I love. (I’ve contemplated making covers for the lounges – a 3 seater, 2 seater and an armchair – but the amount of time and effort and the cost of the fabric makes me lose all interest.)

Today I’m loving these cushions made from vintage fabric, from Plonka Home on Etsy. I’d love to have a jumble of them, maybe mixed up with a few of these, on a big couch in my favourite colour: soft vintage aqua/turquoise. Mmmm, nice!

So what do you think about the cushion thing? Are you with me?

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Sleepers :: Olivia Martin-McGuire

Olivia Martin-McGuire‘s exhibition titled ‘Sleepers’ is on until Sunday at the Australian Centre for Photography. The almost uncomfortably intimate photos capture her subjects at their most pure and most vulnerable. Olivia has travelled the world capturing people as they sleep, although this series was shot in her studio with her Hasselblad camera strapped to the ceiling.

Olivia’s portfolio also contains these lovely portraits.

All images: Olivia Martin-McGuire


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Berrima Vintage

On the way back from Canberra the other weekend, Julia and I stopped in Berrima. We intended to make the most of not having husbands and daughters in tow and enjoyed a late leisurely lunch, a nice walk and a poke around in a totally awe-inspiring antique shop.

Peppergreen Antiques (edit: my original post mistakenly called this shop Peppercorn, but Kirsty gave me the heads up about my mistake) has the most unbelievable collections of, well, everything. Floor to ceiling shelves of vintage quilts, embroidered tablecloths, cutlery, crockery, books, curios, ceramics, bottles, spools of cotton, walking sticks, buttons….

…displayed in gorgeous antique shop cabinets. If you’re heading to the Southern Highlands make sure you don’t miss Peppergreen. I guarantee you’ll be picking your jaw up off the floor!

I took these photos on my iPhone… disappointingly they are mostly better than the ones I took on my DSLR. Yes, I know: read the manual Lisa!

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Handmade Canberra

Now where has this week gone! Last week seemed to fly by, but this week… wow. The 4 day Easter break led straight into the school holidays and it’s Thursday again already.

Almost 2 weeks ago now I went to Canberra for the day to visit Handmade Market, which I’d heard great things about. It was fantastic – lots of lovely things for sale and heaps of people enjoying a beautiful autumnal day out. My camera wasn’t really playing nice that day (or perhaps it’s just that I’ve never looked at the manual for my lovely DSLR. Note to self: read the manual!!), so a lot of my photos aren’t worth showing. I met lots of lovely women selling their fabulous wares and caught up with some friends who’d driven down for the day to have a stall.

Images via: Trove and Paperklip

Lovely gals Brooke from Trove, with her stunning jewellery, and Mel from Paperklip, with paper goodies, were there.

Image on right via: Retro Mummy

I finally met the effervescent Jennie of Posie Patchwork who had a huge stall with all sorts of handmade goodies.

Corrie aka Retro Mummy makes the sweetest little girls’ dresses and sells awesome fabrics.

Image on right via: Third Bird

Sarah from Gifts Created was there with her fab softies. Sarah always has the most fantastic display including a lifesized felt tree!

And I discovered the lovely textiles of Third Bird.

Love this sweet plate by Ensparkle.

I was very tempted by these big bright necklaces from Six in a Row (no website/link).

There were many more lovely things I could easily have spent my money on – you can see a list of designers on the Handmade website. The next Handmade Market is on 5th June. Fingers crossed that my application is accepted, and I’ll be there with a stall of my own. If not, I might just make a day of it again and go shopping.

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