With the weather starting to cool down a little bit and the leaves on the trees beginning to change my thoughts turn to layering for winter. I love our Sydney winters, which are so mild compared to a lot of places… but still cold enough to wear layers and snuggle down at home.

With those things on my mind I bought the most gorgeous big, soft wrap/scarf from Feeona of uimi, my neighbour at Life Instyle the other week.

Feeona designs and makes all uimi’s lovely knitted scarves in her Melbourne studio, as well as sweet beanies, booties and blankets for babies. They are made from merino wool and organic cotton in a beautiful soft and neutral palette.

All images from uimi.

The stockists list on the uimi website is bound to be growing very soon if the attention they were getting at the show is anything to go by. And deservedly so, uimi knits are absolutely gorgeous. Now I just have to wait for the temperature to drop some more before I can wear my scarf. I have a feeling people will get sick of seeing me wear it!

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Friday on my mind

It’s Friday night. It’s been a long day. It started at 5.30am… Roxy’s time of choice for rising at the moment. I spent the whole day at Roxy’s school doing Chinese New Year craft projects with her class. I know Chinese New year was weeks ago, but I was really busy then, so Jo (Roxy’s gorgeous teacher) and I agreed that we’d get to it when I could manage it. It was such fun – we made 2 big dragons (each one needed 3 children inside), tiger masks, lanterns and fans. There was a big parade around the school with drums-a-bangin’ and dragons and tigers a-roaring. I had a great day, but am totally exhausted. I don’t know how the teachers do it every day.

Then it was on to Roxy’s swimming lessons, and a quick stop to buy sushi for dinner…. which Roxy ate in the bath – she loves eating in the bath – as soon as we got home. You see our fridge hasn’t been working since last Saturday, so mealtimes have been a bit of a challenge this week. The fridge is only 4 years old. Now we have a number of weeks to wait until they can take it to replace the part in the motor that has decided not to work. So inconvenient! But at least it’s under warranty. And at least those stinking hot mid-Summer days have passed.

When Roxy went to bed (early!) I spent about an hour getting my Google Reader back to zero. It’s been showing around 400 – 600 undread items for the past few weeks. I usually try to keep on top by reading daily if I can, and if I can’t, I like to get back to zero each weekend. But it gets slightly out of control when I’m too busy to keep up. I can’t tell you how much better I feel now. Although I feel like I’ve done a quick ‘drive by’ of my favourite blogs which I hate to do. How do you manage that? Do you keep up each day, or have a weekly catch up? My problem could be to do with the 148 blogs I subscribe to. Is that excessive? How many are in your Reader?

I thought I’d share a few things that I saw and loved on my blog catch up. I hope you enjoy them too.

Morgan Blair’s ‘Diamonds’ on Design for Mankind

Nesessaire on Jam Fancy

A lovely collaboration between Lisa Congdon and Hannah Huffman on Poppytalk

Love this Liberty stationery on Daydream Lily

Letterheady – awesome (mostly vintage) letterheads – on Mint

Dawn of handmadelove‘s paper mountains {swoon!}

Katie Kirk‘s Alice-inspired iPhone wallpaper on share some candy

Patchwork bear floor rug (genius idea) by Cuckoo Nest on The Lark

Simply a sweet photo on Fine Little Day

Putting this post together reminded me of something… it annoys me when sources aren’t properly credited on blogs… when bloggers just say something like “found here. Or “… I made it from this kit“. Without mentioning the artist/crafter/creator in the post. Or no photo credits or links to sources at all. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but that doesn’t seem like good manners, does it? What do you think when you come across these things? (I’m not necessarily referring to any of the blogs I linked to above, or to any that have featured my work – these are general observations.)

OK, it’s friday night, I’ve had a big week (sans fridge), I hope I wasn’t out of line with my observations above. Of course, what anybody does – or doesn’t do – on their own blog is totally up to them. It’s just something I find annoying. I’d like to know the source without having to click through to find out. If you want to discuss it I’d love to hear your thoughts. And also how you manage your Google Reader, or blog reading in general.

I’m stepping away from the computer now. I hope you have a really lovely weekend my friends. See you Monday.


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Vintage Japanese Confectionery Molds

While doing one of my usual searches on Etsy for “Japanese vintage” I came across these amazing cheery wood confectionery molds in Vintage From Japan‘s shop. Wouldn’t they look fabulous grouped on a wall.

There is more detailed information about these Kashigata sweets molds in Vintage From Japan’s listings.

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Four Words





Image Source: Anthropologie

Woohoo! I’ve blogged so many times about my love of Anthropologie, and now I can go to their website, see prices in AUS$ and BUY things! I haven’t checked out the shipping costs, but I’m very excited that if there’s something that I must have, now I can actually get it. (This is great motivation for me to get to the gym more often!)

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I have a beautiful vintage kitsch Australiana tablecloth which I love (and I’m intending to have framed), and I’ve previously blogged about Susy Stanford‘s use of vintage Australian tea towels and linens in upholstery, so you won’t be surprised that Dishy struck a chord with me.

Designer Hazel Milligan is behind Dishy, a New Zealand company that uses retro inspired fabric designs in their accessories, homewares and clothing. Their fun and kitsch products are a celebration of vintage New Zealand souvenir tea towels.

Image Source: Dishy

Dishy’s creations are a fun contemporary souvenir, and a cool way for kiwis to show their patriotism. They do seem to be a much more patriotic lot than us Aussies, don’t they?

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