It’s a Wonder

When bouncing from blog to blog to website to blog (you know how it goes) recently I came across Stuff You Can’t Have. Artisit catherine McEver has started a project using Wonder Bread as her art medium…. emroidered bread, who would’ve thought?

And sweet bread flowers to feed to the fish.

images: Catherine McEver

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Inspiration :: Nikki Catalano

Lovely illustrations by Sydneysider Nikki Catalano.
Etsy. Website. Blog.

all images: Nikki Catalano
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Monday Blogday :: A Thing For…

I know it’s Friday and not Monday, but I just couldn’t wait three more days to show you this beautiful-beyond-words blog.

You know how sometimes you come across something that actually makes you catch your breath? That’s what happened when I first visited A Thing For… I’m sure you’ll agree blogger Maritza Teodoro has an incredible sense of colour, composition and style. The way she combines images is nothing short of breathtaking.

Isn’t that a beautiful way to end the week?

I hope you have an equally beautiful and inspiring weekend. See you Monday.


A Thing For… found via Lobster and Swan via Once Wed

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Inspiration :: Mimi Kirchner

How fantastic are these tattooed men by Mimi Kirchner! The inspired use of the toile fabric, the embroidery detail. Love it. Not to forget the tattooed ladies too…

all images: Mimi Kirchner

Mimi is a fiber artist who lives in Boston. She also creates wonderful mini worlds in tea cups and other lovely dolls and animals. You can find them all on her ever-inspiring blog.

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Mast Brothers Chocolate :: 3 of My Favourite Things

Brooklyn based Mast Brothers Chocolate combines 3 of my favourite things: design, craft, and of course, chocolate.

packaging images via lovely package

A friend sent me the link to this wonderful Cool Hunting clip. Mast Brothers byline is American Craft Chocolate and when you watch this video you’ll see why. I’m so inspired by these guys. Rick and Michael Mast’s chocolate is lovingly handmade in small batches and they seem to be all about the craft, the process and the detail. Take a sec out of your day to watch this… they even talk about importing their cocoa beans by sail boat! So cool.

eep! I can’t quite get that to fit inside my layout and look nice. But I guess if you’re looking at it in your reader you won’t know the difference anyway :)

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