Mother Love

I was a long way from my Sweet Pea on Mothers Day this year (at the Stitches & Craft Show in Melbourne), but the best part was arriving home after 10pm and snuggling her warm sleepy little body after 5 days away. Roxy half woke up when she sensed I was there, opened her eyes and went back to sleep smiling. She’s the best Mothers Day present I could ever wish for.

My own beautiful mum passed away some years ago now, but I still miss her so much and was glad of the distraction of the show this year.

that’s mum on the right when she was in her early 20’s

My kind, gentle, nurturing, loving mum.

The road to motherhood was long and difficult for both mum and I. But oh, so worth it.

I hope you had a lovely Mothers Day with your children, your mum, or your memories of her.

Alix included me in her tribute to modern mums. (pity I wasn’t around to give her a better photo) Thanks Alix!

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Two down, one to go

I’m still in the thick of things here. It’s almost 4am and I’m still busy preparing for Stitches & Craft. And drinking copious amounts of green tea with mint. It’s keeping me awake. At this stage it looks like sleep will have to wait until tonight. But I have this terrible vision of me snoring, mouth agape, on the one hour flight to Melbourne!

My weekend was lots of fun, with the Notebook Craft Room on Saturday and Mathilda’s Market on Sunday. The hand printing class I ran for the Craft Room was really enjoyable – the gals were so lovely. I felt like I was hanging out with friends, not teaching a class.

There’ll be another hand printing class in the next month or two. No date has been set as yet. I’ll let you know when I do.

And Sunday at Mathilda’s was busy and successful and I got to catch up with lots of lovely people: other crafty lasses with stalls, shoppers and blog readers. And I got to hang out with Roxy all day. She was such an eager helper and loved skipping around visiting the other stalls. She especially loves Sarah’s softies, and I spoilt her with 3 of them! A pear, a strawberry and an angry cookie. They have now been reunited with previous purchases from Sarah: an apple and another cookie (who’s not angry).

My stall at Mathilda’s. All but one of the Ooshka’s went to new homes.

My apologies for the lack of links in this post… I still have a mountain of mail to open and bills to pay. As well as things to finish and pack. So I’m feeling a bit lazy. There are links to The Craft Room, Mathilda’s and The Stitches & Craft Show in my previous post if you’re curious.

If you’re in or around Melbourne in the next 5 days come along to The Stitches & Craft Show. It really is going to be fantastic. Support craft and support those who are supporting us (that would be the Show organisers). Jodie wrote an excellent post about the show and this circle of support, so pop on over to her blog and read it.

I’m not sure that I’ll be posting again until I get back home on Monday. I need a break. After a few weeks of very late nights, I’m looking forward to making some deposits into my sleep account.

See you at the Show? Just give me a nudge if something on my stall takes your fancy or if you want to say hello. I’ll try to string a sentence or two together.

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New Things!

It’s been a bit quiet around here lately hasn’t it? I feel bad because I can see that I have had a lot of new visitors – no doubt as a result of the Notebook article. If you’ve just found my blog hello!, and my apologies… take a look back at the archives to get a sense of the way things usually are around here.

I’ve been working hard in preparation for my class at The Craft Room on Saturday, Mathilda’s Market on Sunday and The Stitches and Craft Show next week. Now I’m very excited to show you a couple of things that have been taking up my time… new things! I love creating new products and I’ve really enjoyed these. I debated whether I should wait to share these here after S&C, but I don’t think I can hold off.

Ooshka is a babushka pattern kit which contains the sewing pattern and instructions, and a printed fabric face panel (my illustration, professionally printed on to fabric). There’s also a face pattern so you can make more Ooshkas – like in the bottom image. My Ooshka is no shrinking violet, she’s 42 centimeters tall. Or 16 inches if that’s your thing. There are 3 different faces available: black hair, auburn and blond, some with flowers in their hair.

I’ll be selling some Ooshka’s that I’ve made at Mathilda’s on Sunday, and will have the pattern kits at Stitches & Craft next week. When I get back from Melbourne the pattern kits will be available online, as well as additional printed face panels.

The other thing, which I’m really happy with, is my hello birdy pillow pattern. I’ll be taking this pattern with me to S&C, and it will also be available online from about 11th May… I’ll let you know when. The finished pillows are approximately 44 x 35 cm (or 18 x 13.5 inches).

The birdy in the top image was made using a vintage tablecloth and linen for the wing. And the birdy in the middle was made by Marina of Wink Designs who as usual has been a fantastic help testing my patterns and offering her wisdom.

Now you can see why I was doing so much blanket stitching last week – each wing piece on the 3 birds I made has blanket stitching all the way around it. The Ooshka’s faces also have blanket stitch or running stitch around them. You can easily do it all on the machine with zig zag stitch if you prefer. I must say that I find hand sewing quite enjoyable and relaxing.

So as you can see, I’m getting there. Crossing things off my list. How’s your week going?

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Brown paper packages tied up with string… Flying Star Toys

Have you received an email to participate in one of those art exchanges? It’s a version of a chain email where you post one of your creations to the person who’s name you’re given, then you send the email on to 6 people, who then send it on to 6 more people. If everyone who agrees to take part actually does take part you’ll receive 36 lovely handmade gifts in the mail.

I did one of these lately and I was the lucky recipient of three lovely packages in the mail. The drop off rate was a bit disappointing( 3 out of 36!), but it was worth it to send some handmade love to a total stranger, and to receive my own FlockA2 from Florence of Flying Star Toys. The other things I received were a gorgeous hand felted flower from Karen in Brisbane and a beautiful photo from Krissa in Port Macquarie. Neither Karen or Krissa have an online presence, so I can’t point you in their direction.

Florence Forrest (love her name) is the Brisbane based creator of my FlockA2 (cockatoo) which is part of a range of limited edition decorative art objects. Florence says that Flying Star Toys are designed for display rather than play – guardians rather than playmates – to be beautiful objects for the home.

all images from Flying Star Toys

I’m in love with everything Florence makes (oh, those boats!). The quirky designs, quality of the materials and the attention to detail is what makes these creations stand out from the crowd. My FlockA2 is even weighted so that it stands independently. How lucky am I to have received one! You can get your own at The Flying Star Toys shops on Etsy and in Australian dollars here. Florence is also a fellow artist who’s work is available from Udessi.

I can’t wait to show you another brown paper package tied up with string that I received last week (unrelated to the art exchange), but I need to photograph it first. I’ve been a very spoilt girl

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Enjoy your weekend!

Having children in your life is a major and constant reminder of how quickly time goes by. Last night a friend emailed me this photo

It’s Roxy when she was almost 2. She looks so sweet and tiny. And cuuuute! Now she’s a big 6 year old at school. I can hardly believe it. Apart from making my heart melt, seeing this photo was a big reminder to me of how fast the days and months and years pass by. And how we need to – as corny as it sounds – cherish each moment because it won’t come again.

I’m often in a whirlwind of lists, and projects and thinking about the next thing, next week, next month. This weekend I’m going to try to take a breath (at least once!), and stop to clear my mind of everything except the present moment. I mean really clear it.

What are your plans?

P.S. I know that I don’t normally post photos of my beautiful girl on this blog, but I just couldn’t help myself today.

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