MAKE IT :: mini hanging macrame garden

Can I tell you that I had so much trouble trying to succinctly name this tutorial post. It’s mini, and it’s macrame, it’s a succulent garden… in egg shells, and you can make little egg vases. It can also be an Easter gift and an Easter decoration. See my dilemma?

From my tutorial you can make your own super cute mini hanging vases,

the red thread hanging egg vases

or a sweet dip dyed hanging succulent garden.

the red thread succulent egg garden the red thread succulent egg the red thread succulent egg garden supplies

The tutorial for this cute Easter idea, including a step by step on the macrame hanging planters is one I created for Craft Tuts+. So click on through for the how to. Which do you prefer – the vases or the succulent garden? They would be a sweet Easter gift for a friend who’s quit sugar, or just for yourself. Simple and contemporary – no bunnies or baby chicks! I actually like it so much that I’m going to leave it up all year round.


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  1. I loved them when at first glance thought they were terra cotta pots–LOVE them even more now that I see they’re eggs! That is so cool and so creative!

  2. I used to make these when I was little, but never used egg shells. Looks very cute!

    • the red thread the red thread says:

      My mum taught me macrame when I was young too… it’s a great time to revive the craft don’t you think!

  3. I think this is an adorable ‘adult’ easter gift, or even just a nice gift to show a friend you care for the Spring.

  4. brilliant! I didn’t realize they were eggs until I saw the close-up shot! very nice :)

  5. ahh, what a fantastic idea…these are so cute!

  6. Hi – just wondering, can these plants live their whole lives in these egg shells or do hey have to be moved to larger containers later on?

    • the red thread the red thread says:

      Hi Maria, I still have mine in the eggs – one year later. I guess it depends on what variety of succulent you choose and how fast growing it is. Air plants would work too!

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