Horizontal crafting

Last month when I was rendered practically immobile Roxy and I found a craft that we could do together while I was literally flat on my back. I had some little wooden dolls that I had bought from Goose Grease Undone on Etsy and stashed away, and Roxy was given some for her birthday in January… so we grabbed our markers and got creative.

I think the little ones with black line work are my favourite. They are only about an inch and a half tall – so tiny and sweet. But I do love Roxy’s colour blocking too. I’d like to try some more when I don’t have to hold them up in the air above my face to work on them!

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  1. How precious! I also love the black lines. I think they are darling – and the simplicity makes them very unique.

  2. They’re so beautiful. You must have lost all feeling in your arms, holding them up in the air like that!

  3. They are gorgeous – think I like the black line ones best too.

  4. oh they are so cute!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Lisa these are beautiful, such work – so pretty, and I do love Roxy’s colour blocking too – I love the spin children put on things, so unrestrained.

    I have been thinking of you, and am a remarkably bad commenter, but I do hope your back is feeling lotsa lotsa a whole lotsa better! x

  6. They’re all beautiful – what a fun project. I think the black lines are my favorite, too. Although the little one with her hands in her pockets is pretty precious, too!

  7. They are gorgeous! I love all the fine details on them! Really beautiful, Lisa!

  8. Oh Lisa…how gorgeous..so very cute!

  9. How kawaii! My favourite would be those in the first pic!

  10. They are just gorgeous! I think that you should do a whole series with a different theme for each family. My fav are the black lined ones.

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