Emily Valentine

Feathers are my paint. Over the last ten years I have developed my own technique and style using feathers from road kill, cat kill and dead pets. Recently I have moved into a new source of feathers. I have been trapping and killing the registered pest, the Indian Mynah bird.

In my work I wish to discuss how attitudes to wearing animals and birds parts have changed. Is this just because of fashion, or has society become more caring of animals? I wish to stimulate the viewer with the uncomfortable nature of the feather, to question our callousness treatment of animals and birds, and ask how we sub-consciously classify animals – pet or pest, valued or worthless, beautiful or plain and why.

Emily Valentine

Image Source: Emily Valentine

Isn’t that first image a show stopper! I feel both attracted and repelled (which I guess is the desired reaction)… how about you?


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  1. So this popped up in my reader feed and at first I was rather grossed out. But I kept looking, and scrolling down. I didn’t see your note at the bottom until I clicked over here to leave a comment, and I’m soo glad I’m not the only one who had the mixed feelings.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! they look amazing! Though I do not entirely agree with the killing of any animal for art or fashion… The last one is just adorable though.

  3. Wow – attracted and repelled is the perfect way to describe looking at these works.

  4. Very artistic! But if I have to decide…repelled I think.

  5. these fascinate me. i could look at them for ages. very angelic in a bold way! i wonder if they fit in in pet heaven : )

  6. I’ve seen her work before in the “flesh” and at first I thought “ew that’s disgusting” but then my friend totally loved them so I had a closer look. After that I thought that they are actually quite cute little creatures :-)

  7. I am totally repelled by anything that uses animals or humans in this sort of manner. It grosses me out completely. This is no better than the glass bottles from Asia (China, I think) that contain the actual bodies of kittens – the kittens are put into the bottles just after birth, then are kept alive just long enough to fill the bottles, then killed. It just shows how inhumane so-called humans actually are. Now, I do have to say, if all that was used in Emily’s work were forms and collected feathers, I probably would feel differently about her work. But come on here, folks! Dead pets and road kill? No way. And just so you know, I’m a professional multi-media artist as well. This is a line I would never cross. Just my opinion.

thanks for your comment