Digital printing :: Rosso Forte scarves

I’ve been using digital printing for my own the red thread products for some years now and I’m continually inspired by how others are using it to amazing effect. These beautiful cashmere, wool and modal scarves are by Italian designer Franco Armilla for Rosso Forte, Italy and feature moody photos from around the world. In addition to wearing these exquisite creations, they are works of art in themselves and would look perfect on the wall as art pieces.

Rosso Forte via the red thread Rosso Forte scarf via the red thread
Rosso Forte scarves via the red thread

They’re breathtakingly beautiful, right? So what do you think? would you wear these Rosso Forte scarves, or hang them as art?


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  1. Beautiful prints.

    • the red thread the red thread says:

      Aren’t they?! There are a lot of other beautiful designs too – did you click through and take a look? Lovely.

  2. And one of them can even repel vampires!

  3. Franco is really a gifted designer. Love each of the work above. xo
    ~ Herman Swan

  4. Samantha says:

    I think these scarves are stunning! I’m a photographer and was wondering if anybody knew and UK based companies that can print images onto scarves like this? I’ve found places that print onto silk, but am interested in the above fabric! Many thanks!

    • the red thread the red thread says:

      Hi Samantha, They’re gorgeous arne’t they! I’m sorry I can’t be any help with your search – good luck with it.

  5. Hi

    Just to let you know that we loved them so much we became their UK representatives. You can buy them online at our website They are lovely and soft and scrunch down into wonderful mashed colourways. The material is like cashmere but they are light enough to wear on a cooler summer’s evening…should we ever get summer.

    Sorry cant help re companies that will do this sort of printing on modal here but if I do I will come back to you here. You could start looking via the magazine Selvedge which is very informative?

  6. Samantha says:

    Thank you for the info! :)

  7. Beautiful!

    Did anyone find any UK companies that print onto this type of fabric?

thanks for your comment