Exploring Tokyo :: Ebisu

These photos were taken around Ebisu on my trip last month. There are some lovely little streets to wander around in and sweet little shops to be found. A word of warning though if you’re heading to Tokyo armed with shopping directions from blogs: make sure they are current, or be prepared for the possibility that shops have closed or moved. I spent hours walking around with various maps and directions (in other parts of Tokyo too) and didn’t find a single one of the shops I’d hoped to visit… not because I’m directionally challenged, but because they weren’t there! Once I got over my frustration I did enjoy Ebisu though!


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Exploring Tokyo :: Kichijoji

In three trips to Tokyo I’d never made it to Kichijoji before, but this time I did, and I loved it there. There is a maze of tiny streets behind the “Shopping Street” (theres a big sign that stretches across the street, saying just that) where you’ll find a lot of fascinating little shops selling all sorts of wares from stationery to furniture, zakka, and clothing. The park with the swan paddle boats is a lovely haven on the other side of the station.

If you’re heading to Tokyo for fabric and craft shopping the well known Yazawaya store has moved from it’s previous home adjacent to the train station. Thanks to Amy for the heads up on the move, I was able to find it easily by heading out the Park (Koen) exit of the station and heading down the lane way in front of the exit. Yazawaya is in the OIOI department store which you’ll see directly ahead of you as you walk down the lane way. There are two floors of fantastic craft supplies, stationery and fabric.

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Tokyo Design Festa

I first went to Design Festa in 2008 and I was blown away, and couple of weeks ago when I was in Tokyo I went for the third time. You can read my previous posts here. Design Festa is so full of fabulous energy and thousands of exhibitors (I think there were 7,000 this time). I walked around for 6 hours non stop and still didn’t get to see any installation art or performances. It’s huge! I didn’t take any close ups of people’s work this time, but you can see some on previous posts, and I’ll show you what I bought soon. It’s not all as outlandish as these photos might lead you to believe!

Melanie and I tried to meet up at Design Festa, but it didn’t quite work out. Check out Melanie’s post on Design Festa (with great photos) and also Ebony’s.

The next Design Festa is on in Tokyo on the weekend of November 10 and 11. If you love handmade you’ll love Design Festa.


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This is Where…

I found this note from Roxy placed prominently on my desk early last week.

To add some context, this is one of the songs in high rotation in our house at the moment.

More about my trip soon.


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LOVING :: Daiso

If you’ve been to Japan you would have been to a Daiso store. They are all over the place and everything in the shop is 100 Yen, which last time I visited was about AUS$1. Daiso stores are brimming with japanese kawaii and zakka that you just can’t walk away from.

Did you know that there is a Daiso in Sydney (Chatswood) and there are 2 in Melbourne, soon be joined by one in the Melbourne CBD? With the school holidays starting in just over a week I am already being nagged about how many times we will visit Daiso. Last school holidays we seemed to be there about twice a week.

Everything in the Sydney store is priced at $2.80 and Roxy and I agree on how many things she can buy before we enter. Usually I buy her two items, but she often takes her pocket money too. The shop is big and the shelves are jammed with stock that is constantly changing. Even with 2 visits a week we found lots of new things each time.

Cute overload! Little plastic containers, purses, stationery, notebooks, drawstring bags.
A little book of what Roxy calls “tickets”, lovely fabric tape, the cutest packets of tissues you’ll ever see, and a fab on trend fluro stripy bag.
Of course Roxy always adds to her origami paper stash.
How cute are these little jars with polka dot lids?! They would be great to put little gifts in.


Apart from the obvious cute things, I’ve bought everything from cooking utensils (they have great kitchen scissors), to cosmetic purses, to storage boxes, to a toilet brush at Daiso… $2.80 each, I’m not kidding!

It’s a fun and inexpensive way to spend an afternoon in the school holidays. There’s also a great sushi train in the same shopping centre that has a fixed price for all plates. See you there!

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